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Saturday, November 3, 11:30 AM
Sunday, November 11, 11:30 AM

Director: Sahim Omar Kalifa
Country: Belgium
Year: 2017
Runtime: 102 minutes
Language: Dutch / Kurdish with English subtitles

Zagros is a young shepherd who lives in a Kurdish village with his pregnant wife Havin and their daughter. His father tells him that people gossip about Havin—there are rumors of her having an affair. Zagros brushes his father's concerns away as he trusts his wife and refuses to believe the rumors. Later, while herding his sheep in the mountains, Zagros learns that his family has accused Havin of adultery and locked her up. He returns to his village but finds his wife and daughter gone. Havin has fled to Belgium with their child. Convinced of her innocence and confident that they can build a new life together, Zagros smuggles himself to the West to join them. But when Zagros' father arrives and moves in with them, he manages to sow the poisonous seeds of doubt in his son’s mind regarding Havin's fidelity. 

Principal Cast: Feyyaz Duman, Halima Ilter, Daria Hachem Mohamed Gulli, Brader Musiki, Suat Usta

Writer: Jean-Claude Van Rijckeghem, Sahim Omar Kalifa
Producer: Dries Phlypo
Cinematographer: Ruben Impens
Editor: Dorith Vinken
Music: Rutger Reinders


Official Trailer: