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Sunday, November 4, 5:15 PM
Sunday, November 11, 5:30 PM

Director: Nick Baker-Monteys
Country: Germany / Russia
Year: 2017
Runtime: 107 minutes
Language: German / Russian with English subtitles

When Eduard's wife dies, his daughter wants to put him in a home. Instead he gets on the train and embarks on an odyssey that doesn't end until he gets to Russia. Eduard is looking for the woman he fell in love with while serving alongside the Cossacks, many of whom fought with the Wehrmacht against the Red Army. Eduard has never talked about his wartime experiences, but they've thrown a long shadow over the family. He has a terrible relationship with his daughter. His granddaughter, Adele, can't stand the cantankerous old man. But when Adele's mother tells her to go to the station in Berlin and bring Eduard back from the train, she reluctantly agrees: he's over 90, belongs in a home and there's a war about to break out in eastern Ukraine. Eduard won’t be stopped, however, so Adele is forced to jump on the train to Kiev and join him on his search. The journey forces Eduard to confront his true feelings—and his past. Adele slowly begins to realize that Eduard's war, which she always thought had nothing to do with her, is the key to her own identity.

Principal Cast: Juergen Prochnow, Petra Schmidt-Schaller, Tambet Tuisk, Suzanne von Borsody

Writer: Nick Baker-Monteys, Alexandra Umminger
Producer: Christian Alvart, Sigi Kamml, Timm Oberwelland
Cinematographer: Eeva Fleig
Editor: Dagmar Lichius
Music: Christoph Berg

Official Trailer: