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Sunday, November 4, 4:45 PM
Sunday, November 11, 4:20 PM

Director: Ulisse Lendaro
Country: Italy
Year: 2017
Runtime: 96 minutes
Language: Italian with English subtitles

Enrico Minardi will moderate a post-film discussion for the Nov. 11th screening.

Camilla is seventeen years old; she is a good girl, with high grades and a dream of becoming a ballet dancer. Camilla and her friend Sara (also a ballerina) try out for an important audition. Sara passes, but Camilla doesn’t, and she blames Sara for her failure. Nothing is as it seems, and the plot spirals into disconcerting and tense situations. ~ Honk Kong International Film & TV Market

Principal Cast: Marina Occhionero, Paola Calliari, Anita Kravos, Anna Valle

Writer: Cosimo Calamini
Producer: Ulisse Lendaro, Giannandrea Pecorelli
Cinematographer: Alberto Marchiori
Editor: Giogiò Franchini
Music: Nicola Tescari