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Saturday, November 4, 3:10 p.m. - SOLD OUT! We are buying overflow seating and will sell more tickets at-the-door during the Festival. Chances are excellent that you will be admitted to the film.

Sunday, November 5, 10:00 a.m. - SOLD OUT! We will form a RUSH LINE 30 minutes before showtime. Chances are excellent that you will be admitted to the film.

Director: Alexandra Dean
Country: USA
Year: 2017
Runtime: 90 minutes

Startlet. Screen Siren. The Most Beautiful Woman in the World. All phrases once used to describe 1940’s Hollywood actress Hedy Lamarr. Alexandra Dean’s illuminating documentary adds inventor to the list. Known for her matchless beauty and electric screen persona, Lamarr’s legion of fans never knew she possessed such a beautiful mind. An Austrian Jewish émigré who acted by day and drew mechanical and electronic inventions by night, Lamarr came up with a “secret communication system” to help the Allies beat the Nazis. Weaving in Lamarr’s own voice from archival recordings, Dean reveals how Lamarr gave her patent to the Navy, received no credit for her contributions, and wound up impoverished in her latter years. BOMBSHELL: THE HEDY LAMARR STORY is a film for lovers of history, Hollywood and science. ~ Tribeca Film Festival

Principal Cast: Mel Brooks, Diane Kruger, Peter Bogdanovich, Denise Loder DeLuca, Anthony Loder, Richard Rhodes, Robert Osborne, Stephen Michael Shearer, Jeanine Basinger, Michael Tilson Thomas, Fleming Meeks

Writer: Alexandra Dean
Producer: Adam Haggiag, Alexandra Dean, Katherine Drew
Cinematographer: Buddy Squires
Editor: Lindy Jankura
Music: Keegan Dewitt, Jeremy Bullock

Official Trailer: