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Sunday, November 4, 11:20 AM
Saturday, November 10, 11:55 AM

Director: Deborah Harse
Country: India / USA
Year: 2017
Runtime: 76 minutes
Language: Bengali with English subtitles

Director Deborah Harse is scheduled to appear and participate in the post-film Q&A on Nov. 10th.

A MIRACLE A DAY is an uplifting testament to the human spirit and its capacity to surmount obstacles and transcend adversity. It is the story of the All Bengal Women's Union Welfare Home for Girls, Kolkata (Calcutta), India. The film is a progressive, present-day example of the older institutions depicted in the highly acclaimed film "Lion," which had its Arizona premiere in our Festival in 2016. The home was founded in 1932 for women and girls to have a place of refuge from brothels, trafficking, poverty and abandonment. Today it still thrives with residents ranging from one day old through their nineties. All Bengal Women's Union provides food, clothing, shelter, education, and vocational training for 150 to 200 girls, young women, and the elderly, as well as care for babies and toddlers. The staff, many of whom are volunteers, show heartfelt and relentless dedication to helping every person become the best she can be.

Producer: Deborah Harse
Cinematographer: Deborah Harse
Editor: Deborah Harse

Official Trailer: