Youth in Oregon

Closing Night Film – Centerpiece Film

Monday, Oct. 10, 8 p.m.

Director: Joel David Moore
Country: USA
Year: 2016
Runtime: 105 minutes

When Brian Gleason’s secretly ailing 82-year-old father-in-law Raymond announces he’s made arrangements to be euthanized in his home state of Oregon, his family is determined to stop him. Brian’s wife Kate believes this will chalk up to a bunch of dramatics, as her father Raymond isn’t eligible for Oregon’s “Death with Dignity” act, allowing a terminally ill patient to legally take his mortality into his own hands. What they don’t know is that her father has a secret: He’s dying. Raymond recently got the startling news that he would have to have a second heart surgery, one that he’s not sure he would even live through.

Instead of paining his family any more than he already has, Raymond decides to continue with his plans, and Kate has to throw in her hat to join the ride. When a family emergency arises, Kate tasks her husband Brian with chauffeuring his father-in-law for the trip – one that will unexpectedly change Brian’s life. As other family members join along the way, the story becomes an intimate trek through the tribulations of Raymond’s life and serves as a wake-up call to Brian in his own journey as a man, father and husband.

Principal Cast: Frank Langella, Billy Crudup, Christina Applegate, Mary Kay Place, Josh Lucas, Nicola Peltz, Alex Shaffer

Writer: Andrew Eisen
Producers: Joey Carey, Stefan Nowicki, Morgan White
Cinematographer: Ross Riege
Editor: Michael Taylor
Music: Joel P. West

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