Your volunteer experience starts by reading up on the descriptions below and then joining one of the Scottsdale International Film Festival committees. Festival tickets, T-shirts and VIP Passes are awarded based upon a variety of factors starting with a basic commitment of four hours of your time. The benefits increase accordingly with the frequency of involvement. Our volunteers have loads of fun meeting like-minded volunteers and you can too! So, what are you waiting for, an invitation? Well here it is--please consider joining our team and be a vital part of the the Valley's finest film festival.

Fundraising & Development Committee - The committee wants to increase its members with skilled and/or well-connected volunteers who will help to generate financial support for the Festival. The support objective will  be realized through a series of fundraising activities which include: our annual event; Scottsdale Film Forum membership drive; direct mail campaigns; email campaigns; sponsorship solicitation; grant writing; trade agreements, and special events. Committee members are supervised by Carol T.

Marketing & Media Committee - The committee is organized to advise, coordinate, and manage the publicity and social media for the Festival throughout the year. Specific objectives of this committee include, but are not limited to, the creation of various Press Releases; creation of online ads for social channels; coordination of publicity through the Festival’s Website, and print production for POP. A background in media communications and/or social media is desirable. The committee is supervised by Mike B.

Operations Committee - The committee is responsible for set-up of the facilities used by the Festival and other events including: pedestals; kiosks; tables/chairs; step/repeat banners; merchandise display; table drapes; and some program guide distribution. Driving for load-ins and load-outs is routine. Set-up for events throughout the year is sporadic. The committee is mostly active during the Fall Festival. The committee is supervised by Mike S.

Volunteer Committee - Our volunteer committee helps us with volunteer acquisition and organization of volunteer teams. Each team is run by the committee leader who knows the ins and outs of the Festival. The committee leader works closely with the teams to organize volunteers for the Festival and special events throughout the year. If you are interested in volunteering please let us know which of the following aligns with your interests and skills: ADMINISTRATION (office work), HOSPITALITY (airport/hotel/theater drivers), SPECIAL EVENTS (film screenings during the year), USHERING (ticket-tearing) or WILL CALL (box office/customers service.) The committee is supervised by Tim A.

Please click the box to complete the volunteer application form and one of our team leaders will get back to you in a jiffy!